Did you know…

“Listing with a local office is your best bet for a variety of reasons. Ask us why!”

“You don’t always need to paint that room or clean that basement before you list your property for sale. Let us explain why.”

“In a sellers’ market, anytime is a good time to list your property for sale.”

“Many appraisers will call an experienced real estate office for their opinion.”

“Your anticipated selling price shouldn't be based on comps alone. Ask us why.”

“You don’t always need to view a property prior to making an offer.”

“Who pays for a septic upgrade? Most sellers believe they are required to do so.”

“The repair of your septic system doesn't need to happen until after the closing.”

“You may think you have to sell your property in order to buy another, but that isn't always the case.”

“When selling land, what is your highest and best value? Ask us.”

“You can list your property subject to seller finding satisfactory housing.”

“The proper use of the World Wide Web is a powerful tool in getting those greater Boston, New York and Connecticut buyers!”
Learn how the Internet is leveling the playing field.


Remember, an informed seller will be less likely to encounter snags with today’s complex real estate transactions when they are working with a trained professional. Navigating the real estate world takes patience, knowledge and experience. Buyers and sellers alike may benefit from the skill of a seasoned broker. Let us assist you in your quest to purchase or sell your property. Got a question? Just curious? Learn just how much Suzanne and her sales team know!


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